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Why You Should Consider A Furnace Replacement

Why You Should Consider A Furnace Replacement

Furnaces are canon to a household’s comfort. They are also one of the most reliable HVACs there is. HVAC systems like furnaces are built to last decades, if not years. With routine maintenance and proper upkeep, a furnace may last anywhere between 10-15 years or more. However, a few factors determine the longevity of a system. Investing in the right appliance is one of the most important among them.

An HVAC maintenance Edinburg, TX, can only keep your furnace’s performance viable and efficient up to a certain time. On average, owners should start considering a replacement after 10-15 years of continuous furnace operation.

However, such numbers vary with each appliance, and identifying signs of failure or inadequacy becomes important in keeping your comfort energy efficient. To help you identify signs of an old furnace early on, we have compiled a list of the most common signs of an aging furnace.

1. High Energy Bills

A furnace witnesses a drop in energy efficiency due to mechanical wear and tear over its years of operation. It is normal and can be slowed or halted with regular maintenance services like blower motor lubrication, ductwork upkeep, coil wash in Edinburg, TX, etc. However, suppose you notice a sudden spike in your household’s energy bills and cannot pinpoint any particular reason behind it. In that case, your furnace is likely consuming more power than usual.

If you have been regular on your furnace’s maintenance and yet you witness such abnormality, we advise you to consider a furnace replacement soon.

2. Frequent Breakdowns And Repairs

A furnace should run seamlessly with at least one service a year before a season of intended use. Maintenance services check for any fault or crack that may snowball into a catastrophic breakdown in the future. Such precautionary services bring down chances of a breakdown, but you may still find yourself scheduling a repair service once or twice a year.

If the frequency of such repair services goes any higher up, there might be something wrong with your furnace due to prolonged wear and tear. Have a professional inspect your appliance as you may require a furnace replacement soon.

3. Old Age

The problems above and a couple more become increasingly evident as a furnace crosses over the 10-year-old mark. Routine maintenance and repairs can only do so much, and with prolonged use over time, mechanical wear and tear make themself prominent through the appliance’s performance and efficiency.

Moving on, you may keep repairing and replacing the worn-out parts, but you must also consider the aggregate cost of such increased repairs and choose accordingly. Experts believe that getting a furnace replacement after 15 years of operation is financially more viable than running an old appliance.

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