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How To Know If Your Condenser Coil Is Dirty?

How To Know If Your Condenser Coil Is Dirty?

Condenser coils that are dirty or contaminated are among the most common service issues in the commercial refrigeration and air conditioning industries today. When a condenser coil becomes dusty or contaminated, it loses its ability to reject heat. This further causes cooling issues and malfunctioning of your HVAC unit. Before you get in touch with a service for AC repair in Edinburg, TX, some common identifiers help you identify if the issue is because of dirt in the condenser coil –

  • Reduced Heat Transfer

When a condenser is broken, unclean, or contaminated, heat transfer from the refrigerant to the surrounding ambient air is reduced. Due to fouling, an air-cooled condenser can reject less heat to the surrounding air, causing heat to collect in the condenser and raising the condensing temperature. Thus, ultimately leading to higher power consumption and reduced cooling.

  • Improper Cooling

When dirt accumulates on your condenser coils, it forms a film that acts as a barrier between the air pushed over them and the heat contained inside the refrigerant that flows through them. This makes it more difficult for heat to flow, resulting in insufficient heat removal from your home and causes insufficient cooling.

  • High Power Consumption

Because dirty condenser coils make cooling your home more difficult, your air conditioner will have to work much harder and longer compensate. As a result, you’ll have to pay a lot more for cooling because your system will have to use a lot more energy than usual.

  • System Break-Downs

When your air conditioner needs to work harder than usual, the likelihood of breaking down increases dramatically, given how hot it gets in the Coachella Valley, anything that slows down the cooling process might cause performance problems immediately.

Some HVAC Repair Tips To Avoid Such Situations From Experts Of AC Repair Edinburg

  • To avoid complete break-downs in the summers, call up your nearest AC repair in Edinburg, TX, service provider and schedule annual maintenance check-ups and cleaning for your HVAC.
  • The condenser unit is set up outside, so it is bound easily to catch dust and other contamination. However, it is helpful to keep a clean place and regularly clean the area to avoid any issues due to dirty condenser coils.
  • When getting an AC installation in Edinburg, TX, it is better to get the condenser placed where there is no vegetation. If there are chances of growth of weeds in the area, ensure that you clean up the area regularly.
  • Condenser problems are easy to detect because as soon as there is an issue with the unit, the condenser becomes loud. Instead of completely relying on annual check-ups from AC repair in Edinburg service providers, users can watch out for any strange noises.

The problems with the condenser can easily be resolved by getting it cleaned thoroughly. Experts recommend opting for professional AC repair services near you instead of looking for local technicians who work on AC installation in Edinburg, TX. Schedule an appointment before it’s too late. Call us at (956)-358-6836 or visit our website JC Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule a cleaning for your HVAC unit.

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